At its core, playing the Osiris Sanction consists of uncovering a dark and twisted conspiracy. In the Osiris Sanction, knowledge is power, and you will find that the more information you collect, the better your standing within the community will become.

There are three types of play in the game, but in the end the tasks you complete in each will uncover information regarding the singular storyline that ties them all together. We refer to those three types of play as Alpha, Beta, and Theta play. This page is meant to clarify the differences between the three, as well as give you a sense of what you can expect from the game.

Alpha Play

Alpha play is that which takes place in the real world. We use the real-life environments of cities as the backdrop for Alpha play, and then overlay our storyline and game play on top of it. In Alpha, you take actions in the real world to obtain information and uncover more of the plot.

In the end, Alpha play is a bit like an urban scavenger hunt, where you range across a city, performing certain tasks at checkpoints in order to discover the location of the next checkpoint and continue on. The difference is that this Alpha ‘scavenger hunt’ is a hunt for information, and the information you unveil is all a part of the plotline of the Osiris Sanction.

However, Alpha play is not ‘The Amazing Race.’ Our plotline is one of conspiracy and clandestine encounters with secret and unknown contacts. As such, the ideal Alpha encounter will take place in a public place where you are surrounded by normal folks going about their normal business, yet they will have no idea that the game is even happening around them.

Beta Play

Beta play is based on internet sources. It may be cryptic notes in email, twitter feed from a trusted but unknown source, research of a subject in several web sites, Facebook group notices and other hidden messages, and so on. It might even be what is essentially an Alpha run in a 3-D virtual Beta space, such as Second Life to scour the internet for a vital piece of information, or to perform some other task. Just like in an Alpha run, you will be surrounded by normal online folks going about their normal online business, and ideally none of them will know that the game is even taking place.

Theta Play

Theta play is easily the most physically active aspect of The Osiris Sanction. In it, we send you on SWAT-style raids to attack your adversaries’ positions. In game terms, this action is happening in an imagined ‘virtual reality.’ In real-world terms, we equip you with state of the art laser tag guns and other necessary equipment, and you then physically enter a Theta arena to eliminate your enemies and complete the assigned tasks. Think of a Tom Clancy video game, but instead of pushing buttons to control the special-ops character on the screen, you are the special-ops character.


Other aspects of a Theta ‘run’ include using tools to disarm bombs, picks to open locks, med-kits to heal your squad members’ wounds, software to hack into real computers, and more. In Theta, it is up to you and your squad members to do what needs to be done. The guns contain the entire combat system, so there are no breaks in the action while people argue about getting hit or not, and in a Theta run, you will always have to physically perform the task at hand in order to succeed, whether that task is eliminating an enemy by use of your gun, disarming a wall mine, or anything else.