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Welcome to The Osiris Sanction

The Osiris Sanction is a new kind of gaming experience. It steps away from the boundaries of interactive theater, live urban gaming, or an online interactive role-playing game, combining elements of each into something uniquely suited to telling our story of intrigue and conspiracy.

The place is here, and the time is now. In the Osiris Sanction, you and not a fictional counterpart have the chance to be a hero. As you weave through the puzzles and clues you encounter through various media, you’ll discover the nature of the vast web of evil that threatens our normal existence. You’ll enter the shadowy world of the coyotes, who oppose the dark forces at hand. Game play ranges from real world clandestine meetings to an online community when you can discover clues and events, and then ultimately to the actual missions into an alternate reality…

Take a deep breath. Let it out. Repeat to yourself…it’s only a game.

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What's Up, New York?

Allow me to introduce myself... I'm Aidrian O'Connor, one of the two guys (Ford Ivey being the other) that invented the Osiris Sanction, and the owner of the New York, NY cell. The NYC staff is currently in a heavy support mode for the Arlington, VA... more »